We are currently looking for riders to grow the Farnsworth Race Team.

I want to show that Farnsworth Bicycle frames provide top level performance. The “team” is also about passion and a way for me to support racing. We already have three wins for the 2014 season in regional mountain bike racing and two top ten results in the 2014 National Ultra Endurance 100 single speed category.

This is very much a “grass roots” program. Sponsorship consists of a free jersey, a discounted price on a bicycle frame, discounts on some components such as forks and/or wheels. Strong riders may also get some help with race entry fees.  Since this is “grass roots” don’t even think about asking for a free frame.  The best I can offer is a small discount.

The following is a concept drawing for the team kit:


Riding fast is great but the “grass roots” team is about more than just winning races.

There are only a few rules for team qualification.  The primary rule is that you must be a nice guy (or girl) with passion for lightweight handcrafted steel bicycles.  Team members are also required to demonstrate that they will complete six events in the year.  Beyond that we don’t have any other set rules.

If you are interested in the team, please complete the following contact form.  Tell me a little about yourself and why you think you would be a good ambassador for the brand.


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