Shutting Down Farnsworth Bicycles

Posted: February 21, 2017 by Mark in Uncategorized

I am shutting down Farnsworth Bicycles.

It has been a great ride starting in 2011.  The first bike I built was beat to hell ridden in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, and other parts of this great country.


Over a short period, I achieved everything I wanted to in bicycle frame building.  It was great to see bikes come to life and riders enjoying bikes that I built.  I also enjoyed riding the bikes.  It was fun to race with friends who beat me in the races while still allowing me to feel like a winner when seeing them stand on the podium after riding my stuff.

None of the bikes were perfect.  Some had cosmetic defects and annoying issues with tire clearance when the chainstays sliders were all the way forward.   One had a slight problem with the seat post slipping until it was fixed with a bit of shim from an aluminum can.  A few had issues with powder coat that was not applied well. It has been an adventure and a joy.

Bikes performed pretty well in some harsh conditions with some crazy strong aggressive riders.  I built mostly with 38mm down tubes and feel that the bikes were quite strong.  Non of the bikes built after 2012 ever failed.  Two of my early bikes built with smaller 35mm down tubes and lighter tubing did fail but only after a lot of heavy use and never in a way that was scary.  I always felt safe on my simple bikes because I knew that steel performs better than most materials.

I look back with pride and feel excited about next steps in my life.  I am also looking forward to building more bikes but intend to do so only as a hobby builder.  Digging out of the debt that I am will be fun and more manageable as a software developer.  In some ways building great software is similar to building bikes.  In my heart, I am someone who likes to build things.

I am not sure how to handle the Farnsworth Bicycles that are out there in the world.  If you are riding one please know that I built it in the best way that I could.  Farnsworth Bicycles no longer exists and can’t really support the bikes or maintain liability insurance coverage. If you have concerns or problems with your bikes in the future, please contact me any time via Facebook.

This will be the last Farnsworth Bicycles post.

Please also follow my new WE BUILD endeavor dedicated to weekend bike building.


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