Dropout Choices

Posted: December 15, 2016 by Mark in Uncategorized

There are a lot of choices for frame dropouts and rear axle systems.

The three main types of dropouts I generally work with are 12mm through axle, 10mm traditional, and modular sliding style.



The 12mm through axle style works well for mountain bikes.  The advantage for mountain bikes is that you have a more robust axle with secure attachment so you don’t need to worry as much about the wheel shifting position in harsh conditions.  This style can be used on road bikes but frankly it is IMHO overkill, limits wheel choices and it takes longer to change a flat.


10mm Traditional

The 10mm traditional system works well for road bikes.  There really is no problem using it on mountain bikes as well (for years it was standard practice; rear wheel shifting in harsh terrain is a theoretical concern but rarely something that happened in the old days).  Today many mountain bike wheels are designed for the 12mm x 142mm or the newer 12mm x 148 boost specifications and as such off road riders may want to stick with the through axle style.



The modular sliding system can be used with inserts for 12mm or 10mm dropout inserts.  In addition the ability to slide the insert forward or backward makes this style ideal for single speed riding because it allows the user to quickly adjust for various gear ratios and chain wear.  This style can also be used for bicycles with gears giving riders the greatest flexibility.

There are a lot of additional styles of dropouts so don’t feel constrained by the three styles I have highlighted.


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