My noodle bar bike

Posted: December 9, 2016 by Mark in Uncategorized

Tonight I am racing my noodle bar bike.

My bike is pretty unusual…. Duh custom so I can build unusual stuff.

In any  case here is a photo from today.

It’s not a traditional road, gravel, cyclocross, track, or other style of bike but rather a blend of ideas that work well for my style of riding. The aggressive compact frame design is long and low for stability and clearance vs designs with  the traditional level top tube style.

The bike can  be setup for geared riding or single speed.  General I keep it setup as  a single speed but occasionally I put nine speed Dura Ace parts on for racing on  the road or riding in areas with big hills.

For racing tonight, I setup a 54 tooth chainring paired with a 14 tooth cog.  The event will be indoors on rollers so  I don’t need to worry about hills.

Pretty much all the parts on  my build are unusual.  The Dura Ace pedals I use have a plus Q factor axle that Shimano offers as  a special order part.  The special axle keeps my pedal platform spaced the same on my road and mountain bikes.  The black chainring is from Vuelta USA  and designed for single speed riding. The cog is also single speed specific from Endless Bikes.

My rear wheel is from Power Tap and includes a little computer that measures the power I apply.

The brakes I use are from TRP using a fully hydraulic system.  The breaking is super powerful with greater control vs any cable operated system. I also really like the levers.

Other parts on the bike are also interesting to bike geeks including my modification to my rims so  I can run Schrader valves in all my wheels rather than the more traditional Presta system.

Also the kick stand is  a neat design from


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