Wilderness 101 NUE series Coburn, PA. July 25, 2015

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This is my second NUE win for the season and both were very similar in regards to my strengths, I’m not as fast as I used to be, but I have learned to endure and ride at a slower pace. I really like to get the hole shot in my category at the start, that is the only way I can attempt to try to keep up with who is in front, when they pass. This race was very similar to the Mohican 100 for me. I jump ahead for about 20-30 miles, then fall back and settle in (cruise control) in about 5th place, it is not planned; it just worked out that way in both races. I watch the others SSer’s surge ahead and I really want to, but I can’t, so I just settle in and hope for the best for the remainder of 60-70 miles.

Wilderness101action shot

Some where about 30 miles in we had a hard decent, Watts was pushing the speed fast. There was a big group and several SSer’s together packed tight we crossed a dip with a sharp rock I had just enough time for me to clear it. No time for me to announce the hole, Watts he hit hard bent his rim, his race was over. This was about the time when Matt Ferrari, pulled ahead, from there I mainly road with a SS’er wearing an US Army racing kit. Strong guy running 32×17 full ridged, he had a set of tree trunks, maybe not Quadworthey , but pretty stout to be pushing that gear.

We grouped up on the road with another SS’er Don Powers and a couple of geared riders had a good thing going. Then a pack of  about 5 riders with Vicki Barclay rolled by and brakes our pack apart, Army guy was able to hold on to new pack, Don put in a lot of effort to regroup, I knew better. Too much effort at fifty makes for a hard hundred. At this point I was alone, settled into my slow and steady pace.

This time alone helped me recover, and then we started into some good steady climbs and solid nasty descents.  This is where I got my second wind and everyone stated getting pulled in. Road with Army guy again for a while on the gravel, he was on the inside in one of the fast gravel hairpins down hills and I announced motorcycle, Army guy took the MC on the left side head on, I couldn’t even look. It was real close he said it was a good thing he had cat like reflexes, glade it wasn’t this old bulldog on that side. Last one to catch was Ferrari on the some of the descents, we went back and forth a few times, he could see I was having a good day in the ruff, and he let me by on one the descents, and from there I was off on my own just watching over my shoulder.


My Farnsworth bike was awesome, 36×21 gearing, handles great, smooth, the steel to me just takes the edge off, not all the chatter like aluminum and titanium,  without the added weight of rear shock and the bobbing. Glade to run fresh rubber Maxxis IKON 2.2 30psi in the rear and Arden 2.4 25psi upfront and for this rocky terrain you have to have the side wall protection, the expensive ones with all the lingo on the side walls. If you can’t finish you can’t win, GO FAR.

Ikon2.2 Ardent2.4


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