Southern Endurance Series Race #2

Posted: June 14, 2015 by Mark in Uncategorized

A highlight of the North Carolina 2015 race season is the Southern Endurance Series.  The series includes five races with each event featuring six and three hour events.  In each event the promoter has categories for individual riders, two person teams, and single speed bikes.

The second race of the series was a huge success for our riders.  Three solid wins in one race.  The top two overall individual riders were on Farnsworth Bicycles.

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Tom Boylan won the single speed and was the fastest overall individual rider.  Bob Moss won the open category and was the second fastest of the individual riders. Our single seed duo team of John Haddock and Mike Jarzomski won their category.  I finished second in the single speed and was third overall behind Tom and Bob.  Michael VandenHeuvel finished third in single speed duo category despite crashing and riding with a broken rib.

I managed to retain my series leadership in solo single speed.  Tom moved into second for the series ranking.  The next race in the series is July 18th on the Angler’s Ridge trail system in Danville, VA.


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