Mohican 100mile NUE Race

Posted: June 1, 2015 by bobmoss1971 in Uncategorized


Guest post from Bob Moss

I had a great race Saturday in Loudonville, OH at the Mohican 100 NUE. Fast start with a premium of $200.00 to the top of the first climb out of town, after the climb we regrouped, but started to spread out with 4-5 miles of pavement. Dropped into single track in 4th I believe, 1st Will Crissman, 2nd Peat Henry, 3rd Jim Litzinger, and me following in the single speeds, maybe in the top 30 off road. Peat, Jim, and myself probably road about 7 hours of the race together, the top 4 SS’ers were close throughout the entire race.


About 10 miles in Mike Montalbano a SS’er out of NY, caught me and I was struggling to maintain his pace, he know who we were chasing so I wanted to stay with him. He let me know about the F’in road, F’in rocks, F’in roots; then he F’in left me. Re-grouped with Peat and Jim, we had a good pace, they were faster on the gnar, and would quickly walk away on the hike-a-bikes; heel to toe isn’t what it used to be yet on the right foot. Ankle is doing much better and healing fine, I just have not had enough time on it to build it up yet. Taken it easy on the beat down trails, I do not want any more down time to recovery from injuries, I would rather push harder were I have less chance of crashing.


Mike bonked somewhere around this time (DNF), we passed him. Aid station at mile 50 ran into Gordon Wadsworth and Cory Rimmer, they missed out on some nutrition and blew up, front group was running a fast pace. When we got to 60 miles I was really feeling drained and I had my own concerns of finishing in the top 5, Peat told me he was surprised to see me close the gap, after some of the hike-a-bikes.  Then at mile 70 we on a rail trail, I got my second wind and pulled away from Peat and Jim for the last time.

2015 MOHICAN 100 MI SS

Mile 80 I finally caught Will, he was at the top of hill looking down and hollered down “are you single speed or geared” I really wanted to say geared, but I told him I was SS. He turned and started to move as fast as he could at the time, which was not very fast, he was in pretty bad shape. Passed Will shortly after, with Peat still in pursuit, last 20 miles was good for me with plenty of road and nice rolling trail, finishing time for me was 8:07 and Peat was 8:11.


Big thanks to sponsorship, Farnsworth Bicycles for providing frames that handle great, climb like a goat, and positioning second to none when you are throwing down the hammer. Industry Nine (beauty, durability, performance) , Endless Bike Company (Kick Ass Cogs and The One Ring), Paragon Machine Works, Torrenti Cycles, Reynolds, Crank Arm Brewing (best Beer ever), Rouler Sportswear (All day comfort, that hold up to GO FAR). Thanks Photoglyphix, for all of the great photos.


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