Nuclear Burn Time Trial

Posted: May 10, 2015 by jarzmtb in Uncategorized

Another great guest blog post from our team rider Michael Jarzomski.


The Nuclear Burn was a casual sprint time trial organized by TORC. About 30 riders showed up throughout the day and chose a time slot to put in their fastest 6.5 mile lap. I showed up around noon right behind Farnsworth team rider John Haddock. He signed up for the 12:30 time slot. I decided to sign up for the 12:32 time slot. This would give me a “rabbit” to chase. Knowing that John is super strong, I wasn’t expecting to catch him, but this was certainly the push I needed.

With 10 minutes till my time slot I decided to do a little warm up. Apparently time went in fast forward and I almost missed my start time. I heard my name being yelled and I sprinted to the start line, taking off a little late.

Being a sprint race I pretty much shut down my brain and went wide open. I kept spotting John, but Harris Lake is tight and twisty and I didn’t seem to be catching up. The direction of the trail was opposite of what I normally ride it, but it was perfect for single speed.

The race was over before I knew it. I crossed the finish line and venture over to the tent for my final time. John gets his time, 31:44. A few minutes later they announce my time, 30:55. I was very happy to pull off the winning lap time, not only in single speed, but also overall. John maintained 2nd place and also held one of the fastest lap times of the day. Another great ride on the Farnsworth, running 34/19 gearing.

Team rider Michael “Vandy” VandenHeuvel also raced single speed with a strong 4th place effort.


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