Southern Endurance Series Race #1

Posted: May 9, 2015 by Mark in Uncategorized

Today, I competed in the first race of the Southern Endurance Series.

And I actually won!

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I’m super, super happy about the race! My Industry Nine Wheels, Endless cog, and Farnsworth Bicycle performed great. It was a long, tough race, but the miles flew by as we cruised through the smooth and fast trails of Lake Norman State Park.

As is always true at races like this, the start was fast and furious. However, to make the start even crazier than normal, the promoter offered a special $50 “hole shot” prize to the first racer to enter the single track after completing the 300 meter pavement section at the start. In the melee that followed, I almost crashed on the asphalt and entered the single track around 20th, putting me a few riders behind the lead single speed racer. We stayed like this for the first two hours.

In the middle of the race, I was passed by a Faster Mustache rider. I rode behind him for a while until he cranked up the pace too much and I let him go. Six hour races are long. Things change and it is always best to ride your own pace.  At some point, the lead single speed rider was waylaid with cramps.  I figured I was in third place and decided to maintain a steady pace.

I went through the pit area with minimal stopping. I picked up a bottle every lap, but did not eat anything or stop for any other reason. My goal was a steady pace. The fuel that I used in my bottles was a mix of water, honey, salt, and lemon juice so as not to lose time chewing solid food or slowing down to open gel packs.

I did not know until the race was over that my no-stopping strategy had actually worked. I somehow passed the Faster Mustache rider while he stopped to refuel.

It was a great race and I am very happy that the bike performed so well.

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