Bob Moss at CURSE AT THE CRAB ENDURANCE RACE- 4/18/15 (My 1st race of the season)

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You don’t go to the races with the legs you want; you go with what you have. I never know what to expect when tested and this race worked out well for me. Still recovering from my ankle surgery (12/24/2015) and can’t walk well, met with my surgeon Friday morning, and injected Cortisone into front of ankle. I was pessimistic about the shot, Cortisone injections have not worked for me in the past. I know you are supposed to take it easy after the shots, not sure why, but Fridays ride felt good and I had improved ability to walk, not so much of a shuffle.

With reduced inflammation and added mobility I am feeling pretty good, and I find a local 6 hour race the following day. My thought is a 6 hour race is easier than 12 hours and the doctor said take it easy. I arrive at Crabtree Park Saturday at 2:45, and race starts at 3:00, my usual rushing around, poor planning on my part. Smooth trails, close to home, no hike a bike (this would not be an option with the ankle condition). This year I ran 36×20, compared to last year running 34×18, the plan is to try to run easier gears this year.

Matt jumped out ahead and set a fast pace from the start, I pushed hard to stay with Matt and Arron the duo winners throughout the race, but by the third lap they were off the front. I settled in at my pace, enjoying the race with more comfort than expected, then Corey Fisher did challenge me. I did not want to be passed, but did not have enough gas in the tank. I accepted the defeat, i was passed, he was second place duo and he is on my team, plus it was nice to see his handling skills on the orange Farnsworth, throwing it into the corners and hammering it on the straights.

This was my 4th ride and 2nd off road ride on Black Betty, with the Magura suspension fork, nice and tight handled flawless throughout the six hours. I couldn’t ask for a better ride, this bike is everything I want, it will have a bunch of miles when I am finished with it. I am really looking forward to the rest of my season, running it hard. Tire choose may not have been the best, Thunder Burt,  light and great rolling, but with the reduced knobbies when the rain started become a little sketchy in the turns.

Big thanks Farnsworth Bicycles; great frames, unlimited color options,  44 heads tube, PF 30 BB, Paragon sliders, convertibility, rock solid handling, comfort, and reliability. Crank Arm Brewing, because when you plan to “GO FAR” you need to consider your hydrational requirements. Rouler Sportswear provides great custom apparel with unmatched comfort for the long haul.

Additional sponsorship from Industry NineEndless Bike CompanyParagon Machine WorksTorrenti CyclesReynoldsCrank Arm BrewingRouler Sportswear.

Deborah Hage was kind enough to share these great photos from the event.


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