2015 Race Bike

Posted: January 24, 2015 by Mark in Uncategorized

Riding off road is hard on bike parts. As a single speed rider I generally have less headache vs. geared riders but parts still wear out. We make trades between cost, weight, and durability. If you train and race on the same bike it is often hard to be sure all the parts are in good shape for race day.

For 2015, I built myself a dedicated race bike.  The race bike is very similar to my training bike but in many cases I am using lighter and potentially less durable “race day” parts.

I ride around 5k miles of training per year on my main bike and occasionally parts fail due to wear and tear. On my main bike I tend to only really deal with issues when something breaks.  The “race bike” on the other hand will see only a small fraction of miles and get more regular maintenance.   On “race day” I want to have a bike that performs well and allow myself the luxury of running some lighter parts.

The training bike is pretty nice with a carbon fork, I9 wheels, race face cranks, tubeless tires, etc. For the race bike, I have an ENVE fork, Race Face carbon cranks, Magura MT-8 brakes, Ritchey Carbon Post, Carbon Saddle, I9 “Ultralight” wheels, and Racing Ralph tires. The other parts are basically the same. The weight differences in the individual parts are pretty small but it adds up to be about 2.25 pounds.

The training bike is 22.5 pounds while the race bike is 20.25 pounds.

Race Bike


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