Riding Rigid

Posted: October 23, 2014 by Mark in Uncategorized

If you want to improve your mountain bike skills consider riding rigid.

The following photos show good and bad techniques for riding rigid.

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Tom on the black bike does a great job of keeping the front of the bike light and getting his weight back behind the saddle when he is landing.

My riding shows poor technique. I am thrown forward as I hit a root but through pure luck I managed to ride it out without crashing. It looks like it was a close call and I would have done much better if my weight was back on the landing.

The key is to keep your weight back and make sure you pay attention to the trail. When you get a hang of it a rigid bike is a lot of fun. Expecially on a single speed you get the direct feeling of power transfer when you pop out of the saddle and mash the pedals. The bike is light and handling is razor sharp compared to a suspension bike. The requirement to pay attention is actually a big part of the experience. If you have not tried rigid, make sure to add it to your mountain bike bucket list.

  1. kbwarken says:

    As a long time single speed mountain biker, I have yet to try riding rigid. I just received a rigid fork in the mail last week and will be installing it soon. I’m so ready to test my skills.

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