Frame #14

Posted: June 19, 2014 by Mark in Uncategorized

This year, I am building frames to refine my processes and take my craft to the “next” level.

The complete bike turned out great but there is really not a whole lot to say about the bike. For the most part, changes vs. my green bike are subtle. The changes are hard to see in photos. I made some adjustments to the placement of waterbottle cages. I also flipped the way I did the slot for the seat tube. For this bike I have the slot in the front because it helps keep things cleaner.

This bike also runs the 156mm Q factor SRAM XX1 cranks. These cranks put the rider at a narrow stance compared to the normal 168 Q factor cranks. They also run a 49mm chainline. The narrow cranks and short chainstays require everything to be exact. Builders trade space between the capacity for large tires vs. large chainrings. The chainstays are set so that the chainring can only be 32 tooth or smaller. There is actually a cut out and plate to allow the chainring to pass the stay. I normally run a 2.2″ tire but can fit a 2.4″ rear tire if needed and still have room for mud or space if I need to ride with a broken spoke.

As pictured, the complete bike with pedals and water bottle cages is 23.4 pounds with a shock fork or 21.6 with the rigid fork. This is not super light but it is also not stupid heavy.

  1. Pick says:

    Nice looking rig; LOVE the black!!

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