The MONSTER chain!

Posted: November 2, 2012 by Mark in Uncategorized

On my single speed the #1 wear item is the chain. I tend to get between 500 and 800 miles out of a chain before it goes into the scrap heap. I also spend a bit of time adjusting the chain tension.

Dealing with the chain was also a bit annoying on the Tour Divide and other long rides that I did this summer.

In one of the rides I did about 600 miles from Reston, VA to Kent, OH at the very start of that particular ride I had a brand new chain but along the way the eventual wear caused it to get very loose. As luck would have it I was just outside of Kent when I happened to strike up a conversation with a very interesting dude named Terry who was also riding a single speed.

As Terry and I were riding along, my overly stretched chain fell off and I had to stop to adjust the tension. Terry also stopped and while I was working on my bike he shared an idea for a solution to my frustration with chain wear.

Just this week he sent me a hand made prototype with a special chainring and cog for using a motorcycle chain on my single speed.

The motorcycle chain is A LOT stronger then a the wimpy bicycle chains so I have high hopes that it will provide many miles of single speed joy.

It also looks cool in that monster truck way!


  1. James says:

    Big bar ends, now a big chain ring, cog and chain…what is next, a banana seat or a big ole sheep skin covered brooks saddle? Did someone tell you to go big or go home so you took them literally? They were just joking!!! Well, my friend, you are certainly the opposite of a weight weenie…and I sure miss riding with you.

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