H-HTFU 100

Posted: April 22, 2012 by Mark in Uncategorized

Today was the HTFU 100 mile group ride.

We have been planning the ride for a while and as luck would have it my recent crash, swollen hand, the fact that my REBA fork is in the shop and a cold rainy day all combined to make it a harder HTFU (i.e. HHTFU).

In any case the hand was manageable even with the rigid fork beating me up a little. With the rain we modified the route to make it a dirt road and paved greenway century but it was by no means easy.

As always the HTFU group is a great ride and Matt sweetened the pie by buying lunch for the group.

My total for the day was 115 miles and speaking of pie it’s my birthday so my beautiful, loving, and generous wife was ready with a pumpkin pie for me when I finished.

  1. MattB says:

    I love that you’re the only guy with shorts AND no gloves on!

    Don’t know how you did that all day with the temps dropping and wind picking up.

    • James says:

      Yeah, that ride was harder than I thought it would be. Maybe it was all the rain, all the muck or all the food I ate at Jimmy John’s. Still glad to have done it with such a good group. Kudos also for riding to the ride and riding home afterwards. You are one ‘Hard’ dude!

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