Curse of the Crab

Posted: March 11, 2012 by Mark in Uncategorized

I did the Curse of the Crab six hour race this past Saturday.

It was an awesome event in crabtree park.

I generally do a bad job with eating or drinking on rides but this one was especially bad. Driving over two the race I noticed that I had no race food with me. Usually at six hour events they have gatoraid, poweraid, or some similar sugar water on tap but this time around the only thing I found on course was plain water. Five hours on plain water worked fine but I was deep into bonk land for the last hour. I also forgot my gloves so it was numb hands and a numb mind at the end.

The last hour was in the dark as well leading to a true other world feeling with random thoughts running through my head.

Some people take drugs to get wonky feelings but it seems for me they are only five hours away and free.

  1. MB says:

    Great job Mark! Without the fade at the end I bet you’d have given the top two a run for the money!

    • James says:

      He definitely would have. If Mark does not Bonk he was top 2, definitely top 3. Next time eat something damn it!

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