Posted: February 12, 2012 by Mark in Uncategorized

Today I did the Bushwhack race.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in putting on such a great event!!!!!!!!

This was my first race on a single speed; I loved every minute of it and although my ride review has a bit of bias I must say my 29er was AWESOME!

In the past I personally have had issues with many off the shelf 29er that I did test rides on. A big reason why I built myself a 26er before building a 29er was because for me the way a bike rides is way more then any fad….

I spent a long time thinking about my 29er and looking at what works and what does not work in the context of an endurance oriented single speed. The result of my research was a beefy but light weight build using a mix of 9/6/9 and 8/6/8 butted tubing and Paragon sliding dropouts. The geometry was built around the body position from my 26er with some changes that give the 29er the type of ride I like. For right now I think that in terms of my own personal 29ers this build will be the template. The bike rides so well that I can’t imagine any changes. When I build up the geared version the only thing that will be different is cable guides, dropouts, and the color.

I must say I REALLY like the white and black color of this bike, it’s hard to keep clean but it sure looks sharp and has a certain class even when dirty.

The actual race was my second ride on the bike but everything felt perfect.

The following are photos from the race and a few of the bike after the race was over. Don’t worry the bike is clean now.

  1. James says:

    That sure is a pretty bike! Congrats on the race, you had a good ride, until you hit that wall. But hey, we know you can’t blame it on the bike. :)

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